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What myclients had to say

Leanne Connell 

Impulse Cycles


When we at Impulse Cycles asked Jacqui to create a website for us, we had a very specific brief; we needed our site to reflect the adventurous natures and the vitality of our clients.


Jacqui understood and embraced the challenge with her usual enthusiasm. And the result? She's nailed it. We think she has created the best bike-shop website out there. She has brought a combination of both outstanding design skills and an excellent understanding of commercial requirements to the brief, and we are absolutely delighted.


Thank you Jacqui, you've been a delight to work with.


Leanne Connell

Leith Schmidt

Julian Hanna


"We were fortunate enough to find Jacqui at SOTM after a long search for a Designer who could help implement our ideas for a new website, promotional information and wine labels for our Vineyard and wine sales.


I had been frustrated working with other website 'makers' and realised I needed to work with someone who could translate our needs and preferences into a stylish, workable package and then communicate this effectively and economically to the web builder.


We also asked Jacqui to help strengthen our Brand and to design a strong graphic concept we could utilise in different ways for different products.


Jacqui produced confident, effective concepts in a very short time and gave great, clear advice. She is very patient with the time it takes us to consider and respond.. and sometimes change our mind or re-prioritise the work!


We have produced a fabulous website and quickly progressed to wine labels, carton labels, business cards, promotional banners, letterhead and invoice proformas, sales order forms, event flyers and posters.


We love Jacqui's professional, no-nonsense, clear working manner combined with a generous, enthusiastic, light-hearted  approach. We expect to be working with Jacqui  on the Towerhill Estate Team for the long term."


Leith Schmidt

Giving a RATS

Andrew Storrie


Nothing is ‘spur of the moment’ with Jacqui

I’ll have to admit it…… Jacqui and I have had a couple of firsts together………

When I needed to produce and distribute a technical newsletter, she rose to the occasion with great professionalism, patience and humour.

I was looking for ‘something different’ to separate my product from everyone else’s and needed a logo and template design. Jacqui interpreted my ramblings beautifully to develop a great logo and a stylish template.

We then populated the template with the necessary information, keeping it succinct and pleasing to the eye. Jacqui then developed a beautiful campaign page with all the necessary links. The campaign was distributed and I have received excellent feedback, with many accolades highlighting the freshness and readability of the newsletter.

Jacqui has a great sense of style and is extremely practical. I am looking forward to working with her on the continuing campaign and having a few laughs along the way.


Andrew Storrie

Below is a list of selected clients we have had the pleasure of working with

Southern Regional Medical Group

Chris Swarts


I have recently had the pleasure of working with Jacqui for the first time. She struck me as being a consummate professional, combining the best qualities of country”ism” (relaxed and easy to work with) and professionalism. What impressed me most though was her ability to listen to our requirements and execute it to absolute perfection, with a good dash of artistic wizardry. I believe this is the start of a wonderful business relationship.


Chris Swarts

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